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What is All on 4 Implant?

It is a fixed prosthesis that can be applied on top of four implants. These cases save patients from the need for removable dentures by using all-on-4 system implants.
Sometimes, 3 to 5 implants may be used instead of 4. In these cases, the technique is called “Triple Five or Six Implants”. “all-on-3, all-on-5, or all-on-6.”

Implants are made from titanium or zirconium and have a screw-shaped shape. These are inserted into the openings in the jawbones.

These replace the crowns and roots of missing teeth. It is made up of two parts: one is the root and the other the abutment. This is the crown that has been trimmed from a tooth. To place the implant into the bone, a minor surgery is necessary. Before a crown can be applied, it is necessary to wait 3-4 months after the implant has been placed in the bone. Sometimes, crowns can be applied as soon as the implant has been placed.

Crowns placed on top of implants can be used aesthetically and functionally for many years. Fixed prostheses are screwed into four implants using the “all-on-4” implant technique. The anterior region of the lower and upper jaws solves all problems functionally and aesthetically.

No matter if implants are made from titanium or zirconium after application into the bone They are osseointegrated and function as part of your body, and provide support for your new teeth for a long time. Implants also protect the jaw bones against resorption and give them function. Implants will give you a younger appearance and better oral health.

This improves your quality of life, resulting in a longer and happier life.

All on 4 Turkey offers you a totaly free online consultation for your dental implant works. If you choose All on 4 Turkey, your 3D CT Scan is free of charge in our dental clinic. If you want to get more detail about All on 4 Dental Implant please feel free to ask our professional staff. Let’s change your life today!

All on Four Dental Implant Price

First of all we need your 3D Scan and your dental history. After our specialist doctors plan the treatment you need, they will prepare a completely personalized budget and treatment plan just for you.

You just need to buy your flight tickets your home to Turkey and Turkey to your home. We will cover all hotel bookings, VIP Transfers, all X-ray and other needs. If you need All on 4, for one jaw it’s starting from €3.150 and if you need two jaws it’s starting from €5.700 Timescale is generally 5 – 7 days and you need to visit our dental clinic after 3 months.

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